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"For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and miracles to deceive the elect - if that were possible. So be on your guard; I have told you everything ahead of time." (Jesus' warning to his disciples in Mark Chapter 13 verses 22-23)

List of Bible Miracles --- Miracles recorded in the Old Testament

(List of Miracles by Jesus in the New Testament is shown here )

Creation of the world

(Genesis 1)

The great flood

(Genesis 7; 8)

The confusion of languages

(Genesis 11:1-9)

The fire on Abraham's sacrifice

(Genesis 15:17)

The conception of Isaac

(Genesis 17:17; 18:12; 21:2)

The destruction of Sodom

(Genesis 19)

Lot's wife turned into a pillar of salt

(Genesis 19:26)

The closing of the wombs of Abimelech's household

(Genesis 20:17,18)

The opening of Hagar's eyes

(Genesis 21:19)

The conception of Jacob and Esau

(Genesis 25:21)

The opening of Rachel's womb

(Genesis 30:22)

The flaming bush

(Exodus 3:2)

The transformation of Moses' rod into a serpent

(Exodus 4:3,4,30; 7:10,12)

Moses' leprosy

(Exodus 4:6,7,30)

The plagues in Egypt

(Numbers 16:46-50)

The pillar of cloud and fire

(Exodus 13:21,22; 14:19,20)

Passage through the Red Sea

(Exodus 14:22)

The destruction of Pharaoh and his army

(Exodus 14:23-30)

Sweetening the waters of Marah

(Exodus 15:25)


(Exodus 16:4-31)


(Exodus 16:13)

The defeat of Amalek

(Exodus 17:9-13)

The transfiguration of the face of Moses

(Exodus 34:29-35)

Water from the rock

(Exodus 17:5,7)

Thundering and lightning on Mount Sinai

(Exodus 19:16-20; 24:10,15-17; Deuteronomy 4:33)

Miriam's leprosy

(Numbers 12:10-15)

Judgment by fire

(Numbers 11:1-3)

The destruction of Korah

(Numbers 16:31-35; Deuteronomy 11:6,7)

The plague

(Numbers 16:46-50)

Aaron's rod buds

(Numbers 17:1-9)

Water from the rock in Kadesh

(Numbers 20:8-11)

The scourge of serpents

(Numbers 21:6-9)

The destruction of Nadab and Abihu

(Leviticus 10:1,2)

Balaam's donkey speaks

(Numbers 22:23-30)

The preservation of Moses

(Deuteronomy 34:7)

The Jordan River divided

(Joshua 3:14-17; 4:16-18)

The fall of Jericho

(Joshua 6:20)

The Midianites destroyed

(Judges 7:16-22)

Hailstones on the confederated kings

(Joshua 10:11)

The sun and the moon stand still

(Joshua 10:12-14)

Dew on Gideon's fleece

(Judges 6:37-40)

Samson's strength

(Judges 14:6; 16:3,29,30)

Samson supplied with water

(Judges 15:19)

The falling of the god Dagon

(1 Samuel 5:1-4)

Even nursing cows return the ark of the covenant (walking away from their calves)

(1 Samuel 6:7-14)

The plague of haemorrhoids on the Philistines

(1 Samuel 5:9-12; 6:1-18)

The destruction of the people of Beth-shemesh

(1 Samuel 6:19,20)


(1 Samuel 12:16-18)

The death of Uzzah

(2 Samuel 6:1-8)

The plague in Israel

(1 Chronicles 21:14-26)

Fire on the sacrifices of Aaron

(Leviticus 9:24)

Of Gideon

(Judges 6:21)

Of Manoah

(Judges 13:19,20)

Of Solomon

(2 Chronicles 7:1)

Of Elijah

(1 Kings 18:38)

Jeroboam's hand withered

(1 Kings 13:3-6)

The appearance of blood

(2 Kings 3:20-22)

The panic of the Syrians

(2 Kings 7:6,7)

Elijah is fed by ravens

(1 Kings 17:6)

Is fed by an angel

(1 Kings 19:1-8)

Increases the widow's meal and oil

(1 Kings 17:9-16; Luke 4:26)

Raises the widow's son

(1 Kings 17:17-24)

Rain in answer to Elijah's prayer

(1 Kings 18:41-45)

Brings fire down upon Ahaziah's army

(2 Kings 1:10-12)

Divides the Jordan River

(2 Kings 2:8)

Is transported to the heavens

(2 Kings 2:11)

Elisha divides the Jordan River

(2 Kings 2:14)

Sweetens the waters of Jericho

(2 Kings 2:19-22)

Increases a widow's supply of oil

(2 Kings 4:1-7)

Raises the Shunammite woman's child

(2 Kings 4:18-37)

Renders the poisoned stew harmless

(2 Kings 4:38-41)

Feeds one-hundred men

(2 Kings 4:42-44)

Cures Naaman

(2 Kings 5:1-19)

Strikes down Gehazi with leprosy

(2 Kings 5:26,27)

Causes the axe to float

(2 Kings 6:6)

Reveals the counsel of the king of Syria

(2 Kings 6:12)

Causes the eyes of his servant to be opened

(2 Kings 6:17)

Strikes the army of the king of Syria with blindness

(2 Kings 6:18)

The dead man was restored to life

(2 Kings 13:21)

The destruction of Sennacherib's army

(2 Kings 19:35; Isaiah 37:36)

Return of the shadow on the sun dial

(2 Kings 20:9-11)

Hezekiah's cure

(Isaiah 38:21)

The deliverance of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego

(Daniel 3:23-27)

Of Daniel

(Daniel 6:22)

The sea was calmed when Jonah was thrown into it

(Jonah 1:15)

Jonah in the belly of the great fish

(Jonah 1:17; 2:10)

Jonah's gourd

(Jonah 4:6,7)

(Above list courtesy of Nave's Topical Bible which is in the Public Domain)